CIS Module for Deployable Military Hospital – ROL 2

 This project provides the necessary communications and information to the operators of the ROL 2 Field Hospital – mobile hospital designed especially for deployed combat support missions.

Features and Specs:

  • Access to data and voice networks using STANAG 4406, EUROCOM D1, E1, ISDN lines, HDSL, satellite, ETH and HF/VHF radios;
  • Multiple security domains: NATO SECRET, MISSION SECRET and UNCLASSIFIED (Internet) ;
  • Each security domain has its own servers for data services: Email Servers, Security Certificate Authority (for the classified domains), specific medical software applications, Domain Controllers, SAN, etc.;
  • Secure Voice Service both VHF and HF.
  • Data Communications in support of Information Systems.
  • Automatic Position Location Navigation and Reporting (APLNR);
  • Vehicle Tracking System – using the GPS capabilities of the Harris VHF radios. NFFI, IP1 and IP2 – through the implementation of the NFFI standard in the VTS application, the CPR is securely transferred through reliable/secured WAN connections to a higher echelon;
  • Combat Net Radio Access (CNRA);

Our solution can be customized to fit the needs of each individual customer.