PSYOPS Special Vehicle

The system is equipped with RF-5800 FALCONTM II series VHF and TechnomadTM audio systems fitted with two Berlin 15/H loudspeakers, a Control Rack, cables, tripod, microphone, CD/tape player. The speakers are waterproof and can be installed in outdoor applications.

Features and Specs:

  • Equipped with RF-5800 FALCON II series VHF and TechnomadTM audio systems
  • The system supports voice, data communication and PSYOPS broadcast requirements while “On-the-Move” or while deployed in a “Static” location.
  • The system is equipped with BC2A Cinetic®, Interactive command and control application
  • A TT URO, VAMTAC S3 type 4PC four-wheel drive vehicle, fitted with a protected cabin for the crew area, provides the common mobile platform for the communications system.
  • Vehicle is custom equipped with AC and DC power distribution
  • A monitor and control panel provides convenient access for the operator to the system
  • Include a communications power system independent of the vehicle system

Our solution can be customized to fit the needs of each individual customer.