Communications System for Tactical Videoconference Vehicle

The vehicular video-conference system is part of the MOD encrypted VTC system providing data, voice and video communications, between two or more subscribers in the battlefield.

Features and Specs:

  • A TT URO, VAMTAC four-wheel drive vehicle provides the common mobile platform for the communications system.
  • Equipped with wireless equipment providing a minimum of 1 Mbps between two vehicles or between a vehicle and MoD infrastructure network (RMNC).
  • The system is equipped with RF-5800V, FALCON II series radio that provides advanced capabilities for secure high-speed data and digital voice operation in both fixed and ECCM modes.
  • The system supports VHF voice and data communication while “On-the-Move” or while deployed in a “Static” location.
  • Due to the security reasons, all black and red cables and the equipment are separately installed according to military standards.
  • Vehicle is custom equipped with AC and DC power distribution
  • A monitor and control panel provides convenient access for the operator to the system
  • Includes a communications power system independent of the vehicle system

Our solution can be customized to fit the needs of each individual customer.