MCIS-A (Modular Communication and Information Systems for deployable forces). Operational System, provide powerful and collaborative tools for planning and command of operations for deployable forces in Afghanistan.

Main components:

  • High level and detailed Network Infrastructure Services design;
  • C2IS detailed design and deployment for C2 BC2A software suite application for platforms and tactical command posts, including NATO interoperability interfaces (MIP DEM, NFFI, MMHS);
  • C2 software customization based on customer specific requirements;
  • C2 software application products – COTS products customized/developed by ISW.
  • Hardware installation (cabling, racking, labelling, upgrading, maintaining, troubleshooting;
  • Networking (CISCO) and network infrastructure services (Microsoft) installation and configuration;
  • CIS factory testing and deployment;
  • System and technical documentation and end user training.

Our solution can be customized to fit the needs of each individual customer.