INTERACTIVE announces the delivering of its latest project „Harris 400W Frequency-hopping radio special vehicle”.

The contract was awarded by the Romanian Ministry of National Defense to a consortium led by INTERACTIVE teaming with other two Romanian companies: STIMPEX and STARC4SYS.

The special vehicle is part of the Integrated Communication & Information System, offering support for the command and control systems. Its base is an adapted Jeep Wrangler chassis, with high ground clearance, providing transport for both crew members and the equipment necessary for carrying out the missions. The vehicle offers seats for three military personnel, one of which allows access to communication equipment, both stationary and on the move.

Harris 400W Frequency-hopping radio special vehicle’s system is specially designed and manufactured by the consortium led by INTERACTIVE to meet the standards of Romanian Ministry of National Defense.

This special vehicle is composed of the following subsystems:

  • Radio Subsystem – HF, VHF and microwave Harris radios;
  • DTE and telephone subsystem – rugged laptops, active and passive network equipment and tactical network access hub;
  • Electrical power subsystem – 24V power supply, power distribution units and power management.

Equipment installed on Harris 400W Frequency-hopping radio special vehicle ensures voice and data communications, cyphered and plain text, with superior and subordinated echelons, with units from the same national force or with other national or coalition forces.

The special vehicle can be interconnected, on demand, with strategic radio networks.

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