About us

INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE (ISW) is a software company provider of Command and control systems for the Defense and Homeland Security Market. Having an extensive experience in C2 systems, ISW has delivered BC2A command and control solution to Defense (Land Forces) and Homeland Security (Border Police) bodies in Romania.

BC2A is a modern, innovative and interoperable suite of turnkey C2 solutions that addresses operational needs from individual soldier up to joint echelons.


To achieve the sustainable growth of the regional command and control systems.


We are committed to contribute for operations efficiency improvement through technology for the defence customers.



We adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards. In order to build partnerships based on trust, integrity must be at the core of the way we are doing business.


We encourage organizational creativity and adaptability. These are main drivers to our success in today’s evolving business environment.


We highly consider the importance of working together to build and sustain enduring relationships with our customers and partners.
ISW’s performance is supported by experienced professionals sustained by a dedicated management that encourages creative thinking, anticipation and high readiness for fast responding to customer requirements. Our employees are the key to the ability to play a leading role in a commercial challenging and technical competitive environment.

We sustain people to continuously update their professional skills through company supported training and advanced educational opportunities.

Our team

Most of employees of ISW are highly qualified and experienced engineers. They are engaged in research, development and implementation of modern, specialized solutions and also as an experts in NATO’s projects. Our specialists and remaining employees are mostly IT, electronics and telecommunications engineers. A large number of them actively continue their scientific development. They are authors of numerous telecommunications and data communications solutions, among others implemented on the scale of the Armed Forces of Romania and used in numerous and important international military missions. They have also all necessary authorizations to carry out their specialized tasks, including relevant security clearances, which in most cases allow access to NATO secret information.

Why work with us

Interactive is a major player in defense industry in Romania with high capabilities gained in numerous projects successfully delivered since 2000. Working with Interactive will be always a good experience due we offer to our customers and partners access to a highly skilled, energetic and experienced team, the vast majority of them having besides technical education also military background.

Customers are in the center of our concerns and we apply a partnership approach assisting them during the entire project life cycle and making sure of meeting highest professional expectations.

Along with technical expertise Interactive also conducts its business on highest standards of business ethics.


  • Quality Management ISO 9001: 2015
  • Information Security Management ISO 27001:2013
  • NATO requirements quality assurance AQAP 2110/2210

Industry’s best practices

  • Software Development MIL-STD-498 / ISO 12207
  • Systems Engineering ISO 15288/ IEEE 1220
  • Project Management PMI – PMBOK v.5.0