HCDR Monitor

HCDR Monitor performs monitoring of Harris HCDR radio stations (RF-7800M, Falcon III series) to provide data connectivity across multiple platforms. HCDR Monitor is designed to work on user terminals on a network built on GD’s MeshNet architecture. The application automatically starts when the terminal is started and requires no operation. Configuration is done through the HCDR Monitor Configuration application.

• Check the system’s presence and operation of the local HCDR station.
• Report local station presence to other platforms.
• Receives reports of remote stations.
• Announce the operating system installed on the local terminal by the presence of:
– local connection to the HCDR radio station,
– communication channel between the local station and the distant station,
– better communication environment.

HCDR Monitor Configuration

HCDR Monitor Configuration provides a graphical configuration interface for the HCDR Monitor application. It allows you to create new configuration files or edit existing ones. Once configured, the newly created file can be installed in the system so that the HCDR Monitor can use it. Configuration files used for backup or distribution to other platforms can be saved to a location of your choice.

• Allows to configure the IP of the connected terminal and the local station
• Allows configuration of IP stations and remote terminals
• Allows installation of the configuration on the local terminal
• Allows you to save and load a configuration file of your choice