INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE delivered its BC2A software suite integrated in C4I solution for PIRANHA V vehicles

Back in 2018 BC2A Software Suite developed by INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE has been selected as C2 Software System for Romanian PIRANHA V Program, based on its compliance with the C2 requirements of the Program. The contract was signed in July 2020 with the prime-contractor GDELS-Mowag and includes the implementation of C2 solution on 94 vehicles on 6 different variants.

Due to the intense efforts of the project team during these 9 months from July 2020 to March 2021, the BC2A Software suite was integrated with the communications system, sensors and weapon systems installed on vehicles and the final acceptance for the C2 system was successfully completed in March 2021.

The technical novelty of the solution delivered by INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE was the integration of the BC2A software application suite with existing systems on the vehicles – communication system, sensors and weapon systems using a dedicated software framework, DDS (Data Distribution Service), which is an Open Standard for Real-Time Applications.

Achieving this first phase of PIRANHA V Program is an important milestone to unify the Romanian Command and Control solution already delivered to the Land Forces. BC2A software solution is fully compatible with the existing command, control and communication systems fielded in the Land Forces and is providing to the Romanian Army a proved high-level interoperability with the similar NATO Systems.

INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE is a Romanian private-owned company, provider of C2 solutions for Romanian Defense Market.
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