INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE continues in 2021 its tradition of participation in the Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise (CWIX) – NATO’s largest interoperability event which meets a wide range of requirements for validation and verification of technical interoperability between the capabilities of Alliance partners.

INTERACTIVE`s BC2A suite of application is tested along with other systems focusing on systems that will be deployed in NATO-led operations, especially those related to Federalized Mission Networks (FMNs), as a major component of the NATO Response Force (eNRF), and the Verry High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF).

Functional areas in the CWIX exercises in which the BC2A suite was previous tested successfully for interoperability includes:

  • MIP (standardized data exchange and operational data collection for systems operating on the JC3IEDM or MIP4 database model);
  • FFT (exchange of information related to the position of own and allied troops);
  • COMMS (exchange of data in tactical networks and with the use of different types of radio means);
  • TDL (exchange / obtaining of tactical information from all available elements of the battlefield e.g., radars, sonar, as well as identification and observation systems);
  • AIR (exchange / obtaining data from systems used in the air component);
  • GeoMetOc (providing and / or obtaining geographical, meteorological and oceanographic information).

INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE is a Romanian private-owned company, provider of C2 solutions for Romanian Defense Market.
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