INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE announces its participation in the International Scientific Conference STRATEGIES XXI „Technologies, Military Applications, Simulation and Resources”

Between 18-19 March, 2021 INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE participated as a research partner at the International Scientific Conference STRATEGY XXI “Technologies – military applications, simulations and resources” having as a scientific theme BC2A Portal in Infrastructures Cloud on Premises.

Organized by the National Defense University “Carol I”, the event was held under the auspices of the Faculty of Command and General Staff and took place in hybrid format, with physical and online presence.

The event brought together personalities having different professional backgrounds with concerns in the field of defense, both in country and abroad, representatives of the structures of the Ministry of National Defense, the General Staff and staffs of the Army Forces, as well as teachers, students and doctoral students of the National Defense University “Carol I” and other prestigious universities in Romania.

INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE is a Romanian private-owned company, provider of C2 solutions for Romanian Defense Market.

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