Cinetic Network and Management System (CNMS)

Cinetic Network Management System (CNMS) is a software product designed for tactical communications networks providing two main components: Planning and Operations Management.

The Planning component provides the Communications and Information Systems staff with tools that ensure proper system of systems planning and coordination with operations, intelligence, logistics, administrative, and policy communities so the system planned to provide support for mission execution. Also allows plan creation for future operations providing a rapid response to re-planning needs.

The Operations management component delivers network monitoring and management generating an integrated image of the network status thus contributing to optimal system performance maintenance while ensuring the evaluation of the component performances. This involves equipment parameters monitoring and configuration during operation or during maintenance as per equipment features. CNMS provides various management tools for communications equipment (such as routers, switches, firewalls, modems, radios) management as well IT equipment (such as servers, printers or workstations).

CNMS is a software product running on Linux or Windows platforms which exports a familiar browser-based interface with intuitive navigation web interface that allows network monitoring and administration with an emphasis on monitoring and alerts. Its open architecture and flexible framework minimizes development time needed to integrate with other systems.