SIASB – The “Sensors Acquisition Interface Box” was successfully delivered by INTERACTIVE during the acceptance of the Integrated Communication System for the second batch of 5 vehicles TBT Piranha IIIC.

In January – February 2019 in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, INTERACTIVE team carried out the delivery of the complete integrated communication solution for 5 Piranha IIIC TBT vehicles, including the hardware and software interfaces needed for future integration of vehicle sensors into the Command and Control application.

SIASB, the Sensors Acquisition Interface Box,  is specially designed and manufactured by INTERACTIVE to meet the standards used by military as well as other national security entities and organisations.

SIASB enables the collection of data delivered by the different types of sensors and systems installed on-board of the vehicles, such as the Engine Control Unit, the Laser and Radar Warning System, the CBRN warning unit and the Weapon Station. SIASB is a data fusion unit providing outputs in a standard format, available to the customer through an API for future Command and Control software integration.

The system designed by INTERACTIVE is software defined, being able to add extra capabilities with minimum effort. SIASB can be tailored in multiple variants, depending on the vehicle sensors and systems to be integrated, including a standardized variant, ready for a NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture.

SIASB – “Sensors Acquisition Interface Box” is part of the “Platform Hub System”, which provides in addition integrated voice, video, and data services for the vehicle consumers (users). Based on the data received from SIASB, the Platform Hub is also able to generate various audible and visual alarms, and log the relevant events of the platform as a whole.

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