BC2A Platform

BC2A Platform is a C2 solution designed for soldiers and mobile platforms (vehicles) which operates in tactical environments and provides the commanders with a real and updated picture of the battlefield.

It supports commanders with mature data exchange services over single channel radio environment and provides them with software tools for forces monitoring, optimizing decision-making process, proper evaluation and prediction of outcomes during the missions.

Addresses echelons from the individual soldier level up to company level.


BC2A Dashboard

Allows the displaying and updating of the tactical situation almost in real time on the electronic map based on the NATO (APP6) / US (MIL) Standard Simbology.

Interactive Mailer

SMTP mail server for tactical echelons for messaging in single – channel radio environment.


Data exchange between BC2A Platform on vehicles over radio environments and the control and surveillance applications in the command posts.

Interactive AdatP-3

Formatted message editor implemented according to the AdatP-3 standard ensuring interoperability between C2 various systems at the level of message exchange mechanism.

Interactive GeoDefense

Set of runtime libraries that provides standardized environment for development for integration of geospatial features in software applications. SDK also available for further integrations.


Interface that allows the integration of information provided by electronic components and sensors on board the vehicle into the Battle Management Software Subsystem BMSS.

Core Features

  • Near real time Situational Awareness / Common Operational Picture
  • Map & Overlays Handling tools
  • Terrains analysis tools
  • Plans & Orders editors
  • Reports & Requests
  • Event and proximity alerts
  • Data exchange service for radio environment
  • Sensors Integration


  • Standardized and intuitive set of C2 software tools needed in the tactical battlespace
  • Covers all the core common operational requirements dismounted warriors and mobile platforms
  • Improves and automates the Situational Awareness / Common Operational Picture
  • Automate various operational tasks that take place in tactical battlespace into a browser
  • Optimized for high latency, low bandwidth, tactical radio environment
  • Plug-in read
  • Local language interface
  • Supports data exchange over any type of IP radio
  • Offers standardized data exchange mechanisms over LAN/WAN and combat radio networks
  • Provides C4I SDK framework for extending BC2A solution features (including integration with third party systems)
  • Supports data exchange over any type of IP radio
  • Incorporates NATO military symbology (linked to MIP exchange data model)
  • Local language interface