BC2A HQ is C2 turn-key solution that addresses operational needs for HQs from tactical up to joint echelons by offering a standardized set of collaborative core and interoperability features.


Core Features

  • Near Real Time Situational Awareness
  • Plans & Orders Editor
  • Holdings Management
  • User rights based on RBAC principle
  • After action review tools
  • Near Real Time Situational Awareness
  • Plans & Orders Editor
  • Holdings Management
  • User rights based on RBAC principle
  • After action review tools

Server Components

BC2A HQ Server

  • Manages the users’ collaborative work in virtual operation environments and access rights based on the role based access control (RBAC) mechanism;


  • Manages the access to the command post central database based on JC3IEDM data model;


  • Ensures the data exchange with other c2 systems:
    • NFFI data exchange and integration with NFFI image
    • Data exchange with the radio single-channel radio environment
    • Data exchange with community MIP DEM (3.0/3.1) and other similar national systems.


Friendly force tracks data exchange of own troops in the coalition joint operations for avoiding fratricide fire. Used in Mission Secret classified LAN/WAN networks.


Supports situational awareness interoperability for all identified NATO mission types.


Data exchange between BC2A Platform on vehicles over radio environments and the control and surveillance applications in the command posts.


Data exchange over LAN/WAN environment for interoperability based on MIP-DEM protocol according to MIP Block 3.0/3.1.

Additional Server Components

Interactive Mailer

SMTP mail server for tactical echelons for messaging in single – channel radio environment.

Interactive DMS

Manages C2 electronic documents offering strong workflow features, highly secured access, searching capability, managing cross-hyperlinks and access documents.


It is a webservice that concentrates information from different C2 sources for offering a single display of relevant information within a commander’s area of interest, tailored to the user’s requirements.

Interactive Logistic

Performs inventory management for equipment, materials, spare parts and accessories within an organization as well as monitoring of the maintenance operation of the equipment and solving incidents and failures.

BC2A GeoServer

Webservice that provides military adopted geographic content publishing services (GIS) for Headquarters.

Working Posts Components

BC2A HQ Client

Client component which represents the user interface to access the information from Headquarters’ central database, managed by the BC2A HQ server.

Interactive AdatP-3

Formatted message editor implemented according to the AdatP-3 standard ensuring interoperability between C2 various systems at the level of message exchange mechanism.

WebCOP Dashboard

Displays JCOP in a web browser application.

Interactive GeoDefense

Set of runtime libraries that provides standardized environment for development for integration of geospatial features in software applications. SDK also available for further integrations.

Operational Benefits

  • Improves cycles of decision-making process by automating various standard operating procedures
  • Covers all the core common operational requirements for all echelons
  • Improves and automates the Common Operational Picture – COP
  • JCOP (Joint Common Operational Picture) image into a browser
  • Meets NATO interoperability requirements and symbology
  • Standardized data exchange mechanisms over LAN/WAN and combat radio network
  • Flexible and easy configurable solution to operational needs FMN
  • Secure access based on Role Based Access Control and Single Sign-on mechanisms
  • Easy integration with other systems (fire management, targeting, etc.)
  • Open architecture and SDK available for further independent development
  • Local language interface


BC2A HQ has been tested in various exercises and working groups of interoperability:

  • Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise 2011-2023
  • MIP working groups activities for interoperability 2007-2023
  • Defender 2021 – IOC Certification for NATO MNC-SE
  • Cetatea, Dacica, Getica 2020
  • Histria 2022