R&D is a constant concern of Interactive Software since the beginning of BC2A Suite development. Thus, the BC2A Suite of products is the result of its R&D department that includes not only software specialists and radio communications but also experts in conducting military operations being updated with the latest concepts available in the field. Through R&D programs supported by significant and consistent investments, we ensure a long-term development schedule for the BC2A Suite for both new functionalities and compatibility and interoperability with similar systems so as to ensure the competitiveness of similar systems at the international level.


International projects and R&D activities are an important part of Interactive Software business development in the current business context, as it become necessary to develop new products, processes or services and also to improve those that already exist.

Being part of international projects helps Interactive Software to activate and compete in abroad markets as we are keen to expand and grow our portfolio.

You can check our international projects below: